Tassels, Tassels, Tassels!



Tassels are pendant ornaments made up of a bunch of strands of strings or cords but some tassels can end with something other than strings or thin cords, like a crystal. Usually the end tassel is hanging off cord that is made of fabric or string but it could be made of many things like ribbon, beads or pearls.

These hanging fringe or crystal or combined ornaments have been commonly used on graduation caps, in leaflets and menus, curtains and on pillows and furniture. Another way to consider this decor item is using it on table centerpiece.  A simple way to add some regal flavor to your centerpiece is to wrap your tassel around a glass bowl or vase. When you step back to admire your centerpiece and think “…it needs something”… tassels can often be the extra something you’re looking for. They can complete the look you’re after. Vase tassels with wraps are another great way to go!


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