Raise Your Centerpiece


Make your centerpiece stand out!  Raise it!

What can you use as a riser?  Give your centerpiece a lift.  There are so many possibilities as to what you can use to place your centerpiece on.  Wood slices or wood boxes adds that rustic, natural theme that is so popular right now.  Different finishes on woods, wood boxes and different kinds of wood slices gives you so many options to match your centerpiece.  Cake risers are an obvious way to hold up table decor.  They are now available in many different styles, colors and materials.  Cake risers often have a lip that makes it easy to hang garland or crystals around base to further embellish your centerpiece.   Mirror risers is another popular and timeless way to add shine and boost your display.  Mirror is nice because it reflects the design and visually multiplies the look of your centerpiece.  It also gives it a clear, clean and modern appearance.

Other ideas include turning a clear glass bowl upside down with decor items inside bowl and your centerpiece on top.  Any colorful container turned upside down can give your centerpiece a pop of color.  Even every day items like a stack of books can be your raised centerpiece platform.  Look around for riser ideas.  You might surprise yourself with your ingenuity.  Click on link to see even more designs on pinterest board.

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